Just Upload Resumes. Saves 90% Time.

One Click XLSheet creation
One Click Send Bulk Personalize emails
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How it works

Upload Resumes
  1. Select Job Position.
  2. Upload Bulk resumes.
  1. Meepo will parse all resumes
  2. Will show in tabular format.
  3. Will show you original resume.
  4. Save all resumes on Meepo
Search/Filter Resumes
  1. Filter/Search for experience, skills, tags, name, email, status
  2. Deep search lets you search for specific word inside every resume
Select & One Click Action
  1. You can multi select resumes.
  2. Export XLSheet.
  3. Send mail to all at once.
  4. Or Update any field.
Some glimpse of what you can achieve
Deep Search

Meepo lets search for specific keywords inside each resumes.

Once found it will provide it and you can perform any action on them respectively.

No need to save Resumes Locally

Yes! Meepo will save your resumes safely on cloud so you can access them from anywhere. Keep log of each and everything on cloud.

Tags, Status, Feedback.

You can set tags to each resume that can be anything upto you. There are 4 different types of titles

You can also set Feedback on progress

  1. Pending: Bydefault Status for newly uploaded resumes
  2. Accept: Same as being shortlisted for position.
  3. Active: Ongoing interview
  4. Reject: Rejected resumes
Send Bulk Personalize Email

Yes, You can create a email template with dynamic variables from resume.

Meepo stores exact copy as you have drafted.

Drafted mails can be send to multiple candidates with single click.